About Us.

Path. is an algorithm-based cryptocurrency asset manager. Giving the owner full visibility across exchanges with minimal manual intervention. Performance reporting with multiple gain/loss calculations. Automatic trading pair conversion and consolidation of fragmented trades. Tools for optimized tax reporting.

Why Path?

Path. was created out of frustration tracking cryptocurrency assets. Like many, we started with a simple spreadsheet that grew into a complex jumble of rows and columns. Diligently making entries. Missing a single entry, meant hours spent later finding the right place to make the correction. Why wasn't there a simple tool that allows a user to easily manage their portfolio and gain/loss reporting?

The exchanges did an adequate job of tracking its own portfolio and trading history, but it is not a complete view. Even for popular exchanges Coinbase and Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX), owned and operated by the same company, there was disjointed tracking between the two exchanges. Also, the exchanges lack the right tools for tax management.

There's got to be a better solution. So we created Path. to help the user gain a full understanding of their assets. Every owner and investor should have easy access to the value and the whereabouts of their assets. A full 360 view of their portfolio with minimal intervention. Let technology make the relationships and calculation. To present a unified view of all their exchanges and wallets. Presenting the full picture across the crypto ecosystem.