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Still managing
your crypto with
coin trackers
and spreadsheets?

Effortlessly manage your crypto finances
in one place. Stay on top of your assets
and make better decisions.

Crypto Portfolio Manager.

Visibility of your assets across exchanges and wallets. Get a true sense of your actual net-worth in the crypto ecosystem.

A single dashboard. No more multiple logins or spreadsheets.

Integrated tax tool for IRS reporting.



Trade history aggregrated into manageable units.

Transfer Paths

Transfer Paths

Machine generated with no manual intervention.

Mixed Coins

Mixed Coins

Trading pairs are automatically calculated.


...are time-consuming and error-prone. Complexity grows over time. A minor entry error can corrupt the entire spreadsheet.

Path. securely fetches data directly from the source. Double entry auditing system ensures ledgers are correctly updated.

Audit Feature Ledgers

Coin Trackers?

...are good for getting the latest market prices, but they do not offer a true sense of your actual crypto net-worth.

Path. offer a complete picture of how your assets reflect against the current market condition.

Dashboard Balances Dashboard Summary
Support for major exchanges and wallets. More to come.
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